IV Drip Options

IV therapy Vancouver WA, mold toxicity, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression


Feeling fatigued, stressed or over worked? If so this basic IV formula is

perfect for you. IV nutrients include energy boosting B-vitamins, immune

supporting vitamin C and other core nutrients including calcium and

magnesium. This treatment will increase your overall energy levels and help

you power through your day-to-day commitments.


Feeling under the weather, spending time with those who are sick or just

need a little more pep in your step? This IV formula is a step above the rest

providing you with our basic formula to support energy production and

immune support plus a variety of trace minerals to really boost your



Does your skin, hair and nails need extra support? If so, this is the treatment

for you. Combined with the basic IV formula is additional biotin which

supports not only cellular energy production but enhances skin, nail and hair

growth. Additionally a glutathione push supports liver detoxification and acts

as a powerful antioxidant to improve the radiance of you skin. Pair this with a

PRP facial for the ultimate skin transformation.


Stressed, anxious and over worked? Do you have a hard time relaxing or

taking time for yourself? This IV formula will help you reach your moment of

zen and achieve a state of much needed R & R.


The perfect blend of basic nutrients plus amino acids to support your body in

the process of growth and repair. Powerful amino acids will provide you with

the necessary building blocks of life so that you can achieve your goals with a

clear and level head. Great for athletes recovering from high intensity training

or competition. Otherwise an excellent option for those with digestive

complaints who may be suffering from malabsorption.


High Dose Vitamin C achieves a state of pro-oxidative effects to aid in cellular

damage and death. Often used in conjunction with anti-cancer therapies to

improve overall quality of life and reduce potential side effects of conventional

treatment. Requires G6PD testing prior to administration along with referral

either from oncologist or FABNO.

IV therapy Vancouver WA, mold toxicity, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression

Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex

A blend of B-vitamins, NAC, alpha lipoic acid and trace minerals acts as a powerful antioxidant. Excellent to support cellular energy production, aid in 

cellular repair/function, and promote detoxification. Able to cross the blood brain barrier and provide additional support to cognitive function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid/ALA:

This unique antioxidant is able to cross the blood brain barrier and potentially aid in repair of damaged tissues. Research has shown benefit for blood sugar regulation and reduction in nerve pain/symptoms associated with diabetes.


This add on treatment offers a quick and easy dose of powerful antioxidants which support overall detoxification and cellular repair. Add to any of the IV drip treatments offered for an extra bonus! 


If you’ve been sick and under the weather, worse for the wear or are a competitive athlete, a hydration IV might be just what the doctor ordered. Basic hydration in the form of Lactated Ringers will provide you with an electrolyte balanced formula to support your overall hydration status and improve your wellbeing.

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