Meet Our Team

Dr. Michelle Williams

Dr. Michelle Williams Naturopath in Vancouver specializing in Women's Fertility, Women's Health.

Dr. Michelle Williams’ passion has always been in women’s health, fertility and preconception, adolescent health and sex education. During her education she worked with many of the top ND’s in women’s health in the Portland area and attended over 40 births with licensed naturopathic midwives. In practice she has treated many women and adolescents with a wide array of hormonal conditions, and aided many couples in successful conception. She has also helped many people regain function and increase activity through regenerative medicine.   

Dr. Meredith Trump

Dr. Meredith Trump Naturopath in Vancouver specializing in Women's Fertility, Women's Health, Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Meredith Trump's clinical training includes  a 3-year post-graduate CNME residency which provided extensive  experience in naturopathic medicine modalities including IV therapy,  mental health management and establishing strong foundations of health to provide adjunctive support for chronic disease states. She aims  to optimize one's health through an individualized treatment approach  utilizing a wide range of interventions. Her areas of passion include IV  therapy, botanical medicine, bio-therapeutic drainage, homeopathy and  lifestyle recommendations.