Bob Schafer (Testimonial)

Last  October of 2018, I had PRP done on my left knee by DR Michelle  Williams. It was my 2nd PRP since the first one was performed by a  different Naturopath. The PRP done by Michelle Williams was left painful  than the first PRP and I was able to grocery shop right away at Fred  Meyer after the procedure. Michelle did a free follow up to re scan my  knee to see if there were still any problems. I was doing track workouts  within 3 weeks.  Last week, I ran 20 miles which is the most that I  have run in over 3 years. I am now training for the USATF Masters Indoor  National Championships in March 2020 at Baton Rouge (LSU) and the USATF  Masters Outdoor National Championships in July 2020 at Greensboro,  North Carolina.  This is the best that I have felt running in 3 years.  Michelle, thank you for doing such a great job including your customer  service. 

Review By Amanda Graham

I wanted to take a few minutes to show my gratitude for Dr. Williams and share a couple of experiences my family has had with Dr. Williams over the past year.

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Michelle Williams in several instances that have had life changing results. She was caring and thorough with her plan of action each time and she was always open to hearing what works and doesn’t work in the plan. When we found something that may not be working as planned, she was quick to adjust the plan and work something else into the plan that had greater benefits. She explained everything very well and was compassionate with her responses. I never felt rushed or insignificant when I spoke with her. This was my first experience with a Naturopathic Doctor and I can say without a doubt that Dr. Williams has been the most thorough and compassionate doctor I have had the pleasure of working with. 

Last spring, my husband had an abscessed tooth and he was prescribed an antibiotic, so I called Dr. Williams and she recommended that he start taking and intestinal repair complex and a probiotic. He started the protocol with the exact brand she recommended and followed just as she had recommended and after the allotted time frame on the protocol, he felt better than before he had started it. He didn’t experience some of the side effects that come with antibiotics and his digestive system was better than it had been in years. 

Another time when I consulted with Dr. Williams my daughter had developed a bad case of eczema and we had been trying everything we could think of to heal it with no success, so I called Dr. Williams and she recommended that my daughter cut all gluten and sugar out of her diet. She also recommended she take some specific supplements and vitamins. We immediately implemented the protocol into her life and after 1 month on the protocol we started seeing a lot of progress. Her eczema was not nearly as bad and the outbreaks were less frequent.

3 months into the protocol, her eczema was mostly gone and had been for some time, so she started bringing gluten back into her diet slowly while continuing to keep sugar off the menu. She seemed to do great with small amounts of gluten, so she continued to eat small amounts and also continued her supplements.

After about 6 months she had returned to eating gluten whenever she wanted while staying mindful not to overindulge. At Christmas time, she tested the sugar and ate a few things with sugar in them and found that sugar was a bit of a trigger, but not nearly what she had expected. She had a small outbreak, but was able to control it quickly.

So now at the 9 month mark into the protocol that Dr. Williams suggested, she is still taking her supplements every day, she eats gluten in moderation and she eats sugar on special occasions. She is free of the eczema outbreaks almost completely. If she does have an outbreak because she consumed too much sugar, it is very short-lived because she has learned the triggers and she never forgets to take her supplements. 

I can’t even begin to form the words for the gratitude that I have for Dr. Michelle Williams and her expert advice and protocol. I also cannot begin to thank her enough for truly taking the time to listen to our story and find the protocol that worked well with our circumstance. Dr. Williams has raised the bar for our family and what we expect from a health practitioner. Anyone will be very fortunate to have her on their side fighting to bring health back into their lives.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Williams. 


Amanda Graham